Find Your Face Shape and The Perfect Frame!

When shopping online for sunglasses, we understand styles are not “one size fits all.” So to help you better choose the perfect frame, here is a simple guide to discovering your best style for your face shape!

Here are a few ways for finding your face shape:

  1. App, there's always an app out there to make it easier and faster. While not too many of its kind, Glassify (iPhone and Android compatible), will get it done and for FREE!

  2. Upload a front profile picture of your face on this cool site for an instant answers!

  3. Get a little old school and try to discover your face shape with lipstick and a mirror. Take a look into a mirror and carefully trace the outline of your face. Starting from your bottom chin and follow the curve of your hairline (leaving the ears out) and ending back at your chin.

And Voila!

Step back and take a look at the shape you traced. 

Are you a Heart Face, Round or Square? Whichever beautiful face shape you have, Check out the below chart for the perfect style shades!

Features include a softly rounded jawline, and may have a hairline slightly wider than lower face. While any frame will look good on you there are a few that are an instant confidence booster. 

  • Best frames: Square, Aviators & Oversized

Widest at the cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jawline with the equal width a pointy chin. The goal with a heart shape is to balance out the face proportions. 

  • Best Frames: Cat Eyes/Butterfly, Semi-rimless & Aviator

Wide as it is long, and with a full and round jawline, Round faces pass easily for a "baby face" and often look younger. The goals with a round face are to slim it down, add more length. So frames with straight lines and rounded corners are great options. 


  • Best frames: Rectangle, Retro Square, Shield, Wrap & Cat Eye

The hairline is approximately the same width as jawline. Appearing strong and angular. This shape is naturally strong, defined and structured so when looking for the right frames the goal is to choose a pair that will soften your style. 


  • Best Frames: Aviators, Butterflies/Cat Eye & round/oval 

Resembles an oval shape but has more length and less width. Flat cheekbones and a narrowed mid-face, choose a frame that will help shorten the length of the face and add more width.


  • Best Frames: Wrap, Shield, Retro Square & Rectangle


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