Most Popular Sunglasses Right Now featuring the Lennons

What better way to start off our first video segment with the most popular and one of Eyepster's best seller, The Lennon. Press play and check out the feature, giving you the inside scoop of why these shades are a must have staple piece in any wardrobe for 2018 and beyond.

The Lennons make it easy for you to get around and still look effortlessly cool a few benefits if these sunnies, 

1. Polarized, making them to go-to piece for clarity, anti-glare and sun protection 

2. Lightweight, this just makes it super easy to get around and move about easily and effortless, so light you might forget you have them on! 

3. Petite Size, from your favorite fashion to your celebrity star petit size shades are the must-have shades style that's become an essential piece to add to any look. 

Let us know in the comments which shade is you? Red, Pink or Blue ? 

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